Commercial Use of Imagery

There are two categories of commercial use of imagery. 

1.  Use of DoD Personnel and Materiel in Advertising, Marketing or Promotional Material.

Endorsement of a non-Federal entity, event, product, service or enterprise may be neither stated nor implied by DoD or DoD employees in their official capacities, including through use of their images.  Additionally, titles, positions or organization names may not be used to suggest official endorsement or preferential treatment of any non-Federal entity, except in limited circumstances outlined in DoD Directive 5500.7-R.  In all cases, Military Service-specific insignia must be removed from advertising, marketing or promotional material.

The use of Department of Defense still and/or motion imagery that includes people who can be personally identified in the image is not authorized, unless the requestor contacts the person(s) and obtains written permission for the use of their identifiable image.

DoD materiel such as aircraft, missiles, ships, and other hardware cannot be used in any company marketing or advertising campaign, if they incorporate distinctive U.S. military markings and/or other features that would connote DoD endorsement of the campaign.

If still and/or motion imagery is to be used for commercial advertisement, the proposed ad layout with its accompanying copy must be approved by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.

For approval, e-mail or FAX your request to OASD (PA)/CR & PL: or 703-697-2577.

2.  Use of DoD Still and/or Motion Imagery for Documentaries or Other News-Related Products.

Requests for the use of DoD imagery for documentaries or other news-related products should be forwarded to OASD(PA) Press Office via FAX at 703-692-5026 or be mailed to:

Chief, Audiovisual Division
Department of Defense Press Office
OASD(Public Affairs), Room 2D956
The Pentagon
Washington, DC  20301-1400

To discuss use of DoD imagery for documentaries or other news-related products, you can reach the Audiovisual Department at 703-695-0169.

Non-government requests for media can be ordered via the shopping cart or mail. Your request should provide as much specific subject matter information as possible. Please provide the following:

  • Subject and/or image ID number
    • Unit, location, event, operation name
    • Date or date range
    • Equipment to be depicted (if any)
    • Type of aircraft, ship, tank, etc.
    • What action you want to see (i.e., aerial refueling, shooting weapons, ship movement, etc.)
  • Media format, size, and quantity
  • Date needed
  • Your name
  • Your telephone number
  • Your mailing address
  • How media will be used (i.e., briefing, training, etc.)
  • For motion media requests, include the approximate total number of minutes needed for each subject
  • For still image requests requiring multiple copies of the same image, we will provide you with a customized CD
  • Duplication from that point will be at your own expense